Wedding veils
Gudnitz Copenhagen can offer a large range of beautiful custom-made wedding veils. You can choose between veils with spanish inspired lace edging, like our Garson veil or a more subtle look with our Holliday veil with a satin edging. Our couture veil collection with unique pearl beading or extravaganza fether embellishment, have a more avant garde look and goes perfectly with a more simple dress. For the bride who chooses a voluminous gown, we will recommend a more plain veil, like our Keyes veil. All veils are made in two lenghts, 135 cm and 210 cm. All veils are attaced with a comb.

What does a veil represent?
Veils covering the hair and face, became a symbolic reference to the virginity of the bride thereafter. A bride may wear the face veil through the ceremony. Then either her father lifts the veil, presenting the bride to her groom, or the groom lifts the veil to symbolically consummate the marriage.


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